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True South is a local small business in Richmond Hill, GA.  We create jewelry, personal & home accessories inspired by our beautiful South Georgia & Carolina coast.  We have an affinity to oyster shells, naturally created by the sea and vastly unique in shape, size & color.  We source our shells from oyster rakes, oyster roasts, and shore walks.

Our business began when two friends came together to create something new using our varied creative backgrounds.  It is based on love of life, family, friendship, and of course the beauty of nature.  We try to create unique items you will treasure for a lifetime.  Many of our products are one-of-a-kind, just like an oyster.  

We hope our products help encompass a little of the True South for you.  -The world is your oyster-

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Hello! My name is Marianne Williams.  I am originally from New Jersey, but have totally immersed myself in the coastal lifestyle of Southeast Georgia! We love it here!  Creativity has always been a part of my life--it is a wonderful outlet and brings me joy and a sense of accomplishment.

I am the mother to five wonderful children. I enjoy travel, good food and love spending time with family and friends.  I am always up for a new adventure!


I love that oysters are creative beings--they take something small and make something beautiful and unique.  The oyster shell is the base for most of our pieces.  Taking these perfectly imperfect shells  and repurposing them into keepsake pieces brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction.  Every day in the studio is different, just like the shells and this makes for endless possibilities for creativity!




Hello.  My name is Stephanie Kisgen.  I have lived most of my life in the State of Georgia.  Water and coastlines captivate me and I tend to always find my true self when surrounded by them.  I have always loved style and design, but never quite saw myself as an "artist".  I love what nature has inspired me to be...

My remarkable husband and three amazing children provide me with daily encouragement, love and support.  Entrepreneurship has always been a goal of mine.  The fact that I get to use my hands to create something beautiful and reach my goals is truly remarkable. 


I hope you find the raw beauty in our designs that is inspired from the unique qualities of an oyster.  Remember, we are all fearfully and wonderfully made.



True South Designs are Active Members of:

Make Savannah

Arts on the Coast

Lowcountry Made


Richmond Hill:      

  • GiGis Boutique   

  • Richmond Hill Pharmacy

  • Richmond Hill History Museum

  • Arts on the Coast at The Visitors Center

  • Wonderfully Made


  • Martin Mercantile

  • Hinesville Pharmacy

Hilton Head:

  • Artware

St. Simons Island

  • Bateaus in Redfern Village

  • Lighthouse Coastal Heritage Museum



  • Brown Dog Market @ Cohen's Retreat

  • Salacia Salts

  • Coastal Heritage Society museum gift shops

  • Owens-Thomas House

  • Wormsloe

  • Berwick Ace Hardware

Wilmington Island:

  • Marsh & Co.

  • Savannah Boathouse

Jekyll Island:

  • Cotton & Copper

Where to Shop True South Products

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